The Secret Garden

I love, love, love, The Secret Garden !  I have loved it since I was a little girl.  There is something so captivating about it. The opening of tragedy, but the quick almost skimming over of it.  The idea that there were no toys or even children to play with once she arrived at her uncles home.  They mystery. The Secrecy. The coming alive of heart and mind and garden all together.  And the language!  The delightful fun of trying to make my very American tongue say words with not only a proper British accent, but also the Yorkshire slang of the characters.  Delightful.

It was a joy to introduce this book to Stella.  Some of it went over her head.  And she never chose to read it.  But when I would insist on a chapter, she would beg for more.  I really do think that she enjoyed it, if it was a little advanced.  But she has started to incorporate a British accent into her imaginative play.  And at 5 if that is what we take from books... I'll take it!