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The week of September 19th brought us some very good books!   Our very most favoritest book of the week was Henry & the Buccaneer Bunnies .  Thie was such a fun book about a pirate crew of bunnies who did not appreciate the captain's son's love of reading.  Until they're ship-wrecked of course.  Then it's Henry to the rescue.  Quite a fun story about the value of reading a variety of books.  Without being preachy and while telling a fun story to boot.  I would definitely put this one on our bookshelf permanently!  And I'll probably look up more books by this author.

 Our adventures with the American Girl books continued with Meet Josefina .  I really enjoyed this one.  It was a new one for me.  They just keep turning these out!  We did like this one.  I liked that I got to throw not just a few quick hisstory lessons, but a few new Spanish words in with the story telling!

 My favorite of the week was Flora's Very Windy Day .  What a precious story of a girl and her little brother.  It was so... true.  The little girl essentially dared the wind to take her brother, and when it did she chased him down and refused to give him away.  I love the truth in the girl's response to the wind when it asks her if she wanted to get rid of him.  No, yes, no, I don't think my mother would like it.  So cute, and sweet, and anyone with a pesky little brother can relate.

We had Dappled Apples which had great artwork but whose story was quite forgettable.  Some fun pictures though!

 And finally, Purplicious .  This is part of a series of books that follow a girl who loves pink.  THis was a neat story about knowing who you are, and accepting yourself.  And about the importance of friendship, and kindness.  I thought it was cute.  Just like the rest of the stories in the Pinkalicious series.

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  1. You need to email me your address--my school closed and I have a TON of books!