"B" is for Betsy

What a fun little surprise this was!  I pulled the book thinking that it would be a cute, easy, summer chapter book for Stella and I to read.  The cover art made me a little nervous, it's a new cover with new art and I assumed that it was a mid-'90's kid-lit.  I had no idea what a gem I had picked up.  Just goes to show that you really CAN'T judge a book by it's cover!  It's a sweet little story.

Anywho... "B" Is for Betsy was written by Carolyn Haywood and first published in 1939.  I immediately relaxed.  This would be safe.  The children were respectful, the perspectives refreshing. There was some independence, some rebellion, but also remorse and reparation.

Stella begged for more chapters, and even Bruce sat through most of it.  She couldn't wait to find what Betsy would do next!  I really enjoyed it also!  We would whole-heartedly recommend this book to any family with kids in the early chapter book years.

It's also a series, and we are looking forward to the next few books!

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