This week's Books April 23

This is a "short" week at our house.  We got books from the library last Friday, then left them at home, while we camped for the weekend, and we'll be returning them on Wednesday so we can leave for another trip!  We'll be gone for 3 weeks, so I am hoping to get over to a library in my  hubby's hometown while we're away!

In any case this week we still got some great books!  We have read The Quilt Sory by Tony Johnston and Tomie dePaola.  I love Tomie dePaola's illustrations.  I remember them from when I was a kid, and I appreciate the detail, the form, and how recognizable they are!  It's a cute book.  I enjoyed the story, though it was noting spectacular.  But I have a quilt that I loved as a girl, so there is that.

My favorite of this week is Miss Hunnicutt's Hat .  I love this story.  Written by Jeff Brumbeau and illustrated by Gail de Marcken, this story is just plain fun.  I love the character's strengthening of resolve, and her desire to put her foot down.  I love that she is rewarded for being herself.  And I absolutely love the illustrations. Stella loved them too.  She will sit and just flip through this one to look at the pictures.  I was not familiar with anything by this author or illustrator before, but I will be seeking them out now!  The pictures are so well done, and the characters so relatable that I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Next up is The Boxcar Children (#4) by Gertrude Chandler Warner We have read two other boxcar books and I love them.  There is a reason that they still get well loved.  The thing that is so nice about the Boxcar Kids is that they are so independent.  Kids love that.  I know I did, and my daughter does.  But they are respectful, hard-working, and above all for me, Clean.  There is no scene where I have to qualify their behavior.  Stella and I have read some Nancy Drew Books ( not by Carolyn Keen, but a newer, modern, 8 year old Nancy).  They were terrible.  I sopped reading them after Nancy and her friends told lies, and ignored rules, all in the name of solving a mystery.  I don't have to worry about those behaviors I don't approve of popping up in the Boxcar Children.  So, while we haven't yet read this particular book, I can recommend it without reservation!

And last, but not least, Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel .  I really enjoyed this one too.  And so did the kids. We read it this morning and, well, I'm a history buff and a sap.  The poor outdated steam shovel, I loved her.  I also liked that the encouragement and solution came from a small boy.  Of course, most things by Virginia Lee Burton are good!  Bruce enjoyed this one too.  He loves to look at trucks, and this is all about a truck to him!

What will you read your kids this week?

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