What did Bruce Read?

The baby of the family is a reader too!  He's not quite 2 yet, so of course it's being read to, not reading himself.  But Bruce has some favorites right now.  We're all enjoying them together.

This week we can't put down  Goodnight Moon.  That perennial classic.  Mostly he likes to look for the mouse.  On a side note, did YOU know that the illustrator, Clement Hurd, put the little mouse in a different spot on every color page in the book?  It's like hide and seek! We have great fun as he turns his hands palms up and scans the page for the mouse, ultimately smiling and pointing to it.  Very fun.

Also on repeat this week are Brown Bear Brown Bear , and Baby Bear Baby Bear .  The rhythm of these little board books is great!  Bruce is very musical already and I can see that he appreciates the beat that I can tap out while reading these.

What books are on "Repeat" with your little ones?

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