June 13th. The Books.

This week, like every week was hit and miss.  We liked some, didn't like others, but this week started the summer reading program at the library.  So we picked up a few extra books.

Starting with our least favorite of the week, Silly Baby.   It was just that, silly.  Not bad, but not something we needed either.  A little girl, a new baby, a lesson.  Pretty straight forward.  I think we only read it once.

The Mountains of Quilt , again, not a favorite.  Not bad.  I think we've had this one before. It's illustrated by Tomie De Paola, so of course the pictures are wonderful, the story itself however just didn't draw us in.

Then getting into ones we did like, Town Mouse, Country Mouse by Jan Brett.  I'm a fan of hers and like always the pictures are wonderful.  It is a clever story, fun to read, more fun to look at.  With her illustrations you really don't need the words!

Kate Shelley and the Midnight Express .  I loved this one.  It was a little too old and just a bit frightening for Stella.  It's a true story of a girl who faces a fierce storm, her fears, and saves several men, as well as a whole train full of people.  My kind of  story.  I love strong young women, and when I can teach my girl about them too... I'm sold!

L Is for Library is one we started looking for in the fall, forgot about until we saw the librarian in the children's section and asked about.  And actually Stella remembered and asked about!  It's a cute alphabet book.  Both kids really enjoyed this one. It is definitely geared for a younger set, but the 4 year old liked it too.  Very... modern... alphabet. U is for URL.  Just a heads up.

Finally, I picked for Bruce, and enjoyed along with both kids, Billy and Blaze By C.W. Anderson.  Who doesn't love a good horse book.  And the boy is responsible, kind, and loving.  This was a great book all around.  Simple but not stupid, sweet but not cloying.  And supremely clean.  I felt as though I was appreciating the time it was written in as much as the book.

Are you participating in a summer reading program?

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