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The kids have an iPad.  For educational purposes.  Really.  All the "games" we have are somehow educational.  In any case, I started to see all these free kindle books, we don't have a kindle.  But the kindle app for iPad is free.  I so got that sucker.  I've been downloading (uploading?) all kinds of fun books. Most of the kid books are throw away books.  You know the type, read them once and that's it.  Know you've read it.  But there have been a few... for me... that were surprisingly good.  I thought I'd share them with you.


First up is You Are A Writer (So Start Acting Like One) by Jeff Goins.  It was excellent.  Hi mesage really resonated with me.  Now, I don't think of myself as a writer.  Obviously, since I'm writing this blog I am  one, kind of.   But his message was that writers, write.  They write for the passion and the love of it.  I'll be honest, I don't know if I want to be a writer like he talks about.  I'm happy with my little blog.  I don't need more, or bigger, or whatever.  But the concept is true across the board.  If I want to be, really, really want to be something, I have to say I am and act like I am.

So for me, if I want to be a seamstress, or a fabulous housewife, I have to start saying that I am a seamstress, or a fabulous housewife.  And then I have to back it up with action.  Like I said, the message struck a chord.  You can't be successful AND lazy.

The second was similar.  It's called Work At Home 101: Your Work at Home Starting Place by Jill Hart.  She talked about finding your passion, and turning it into work.  She focused considerably, or at least it stood out to me, on including prayer, and God into every aspect of your business.

I have been enjoying the kindle app, and Thanks to these books and others in progress (I'll blog bout them soon) I have all kinds of ideas spinning around my brain.

What have you read that's worth sharing?

Oh, and those are most definitely affiliate links.

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