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Last week we had good books, and not so good books.  Surprise!

We read I'm Taking a Trip on My Train by Shirley Neitzel and Nancy Winslow Parker which was a rather cute building up book.  Do you remember those games you would play at scouts where the first person would say something, the next person would say their thing and the first persons and you'd go all around the circle like that.  That's what this book was like.  It was a decent book for the 2 year old and Stella liked it because it had a train.

Then there is The Forest by Claire A. Nivola.  We only read it once or twice.  It was about a little mouse who was afraid of the forest and it was taking over his life, so he wet and spent a day, alone, in the forest and learned that it wasn't that scary after all.  Stella has no fears like that, so I think it was a little lost on her.

Just Plain Fancy by Patricia Polacco is up next.  It was cute.  Great pictures.  About two little amish girls raising chickens.  I don't want to give away the story, so all I'll add is that it was an interesting look into Amish culture and as an adult, I noticed there were acceptable sins.  Every culture has them!  Hmmmm.

The Complete Adventures of Peter Rabbit by none other than Beatrix Potter.  This was a fun little collection of the 4 stories she wrote about or containing Peter Rabbit.  I love Beatrix Potter and I love reading her stries to my kids.  They are from a time completely different from our own, and as such there are things that I'm not sure that my suburban, 21st century kids would otherwise be exposed to.  These are fun and clever stories, but they are not for the faint of heart!

And finally, this weeks favorite book, The Great Show-and-Tell Disaster .  I loved this it was so clever.  The little inventor makes a mixed-up ray and when she shots things with it it turns them into something with them same letters, but a totally new word.  His Aunt became Tuna, Art became tar and rat, the bus became a sub.  It was very much fun for the adults, and a silly story for the kids.  The spelling and mixing of the letters was lost on my pre-readers, but they enjoyed it anyway!

What have you been reading your kids?

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