The Books of 9/6

Last week we read some really good books.  I enjoyed them all, and so did Stella.  What a rare treat!

 Starting with the least favorite this week was Liberty's Journey .  It was a cute story about the Statue of Liberty.  I expected it to be about her journey to the U.S.  It wasn't.  It was about her picking up her skirt and trekking to the west coast!  Cute, good, but on a week full of good books, it was the least read!

Then Something's Happening on Calabash Street .  We really liked this one, about a street fair where every family made a traditional dish from their culture and shared it at a street fair.  The only thing I wished it had, was the country of origin for each dish.  Most of them I could figure out, but some... I needed a little more info.  There are 13 recipes in the back of this book, so you could make the dishes yourself if you wanted!  Some of them looked really good.

Meet Samantha was next.  I introduced Stella to the American Girl books with this one last week.  She enjoyed it.  It's a great early chapter book.  My goal is to introduce each of the "girls" in the next few weeks.  This was fun and I forgot how much I enjoyed them.  The historical facts in the back of the book were more fun for me than for her. But she enjoyed the story.

Our favorites this week were The Jester Has Lost His Jingle , which was a fabulous tale of finding laughter even when you don't really feel like laughing.  It was a great story with a rythmic, rhyming text and fun pictures.

 And Last but not least, the most read book of the week was West Texas Chili Monster .  We had so much fun with this one.  The somewhat old-fashioned, definitely Southern language of this book, combined with the bizarre idea of an outer-space monster consuming all the chili was a blast. Stella even adopted a phrase from the book, though it did take a little teaching for her to be able to use correctly!  We loved this book and how fun it was.  The pictures were great, the story better!  It's one I wouldn't mind having on our bookshelves permanently!

What did you read your kids this week?

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