Where's Wallace and More!

One of the books we got as a prize from the Library's Summer Reading Program is Wheres Wallace?   By Hilary Knight. We have enjoyed this book so much!  It is about a little Orangutan whose keeper talks about going places and then somehow Wallace escapes the zoo and the keeper has to go and find him at whatever location he happens to have chosen.  But it also is a matter of finding the little guy hidden in the picture on the page!  We liked this one alot. It was written in the late 1940's and is therefore clean, and fun in it's pictures and words.  Total bonus! I have learned to love Hilary Knights illustrations.  In addition to this one, he illustrated the Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle books that we loved!

We also got The Quite Contrary Man . I liked this one too.  Actually, I liked all the books we picked as prizes.  This is a true story, or at least based on a true story of a man in new england in colonial days who spent a year in prison because, essentially, he refused to shave his beard.  It'sa a fun book with fabulous pictures!

We got The Mitten by Jan Brett.  I'm sure I've said this before, but I am a huge fan of her work.  The story of course is old, but the pictures and scene setting are absolutely fabulous!  I can't recommend it enough. Read anything by her, you won't be disappointed!

And finally a fun little book called Blue Chicken .  Bruce and I really enjoy this one.  It's a simple story, great pictures, and I have always loved when the book is about a book.  It's fun to watch animals come alive like they do in this book.  Fun fun fun!

What books have you added to your bookshelves lately?

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