August 8 to 15

The books this last week were pretty good. There were a few that caught on a little later in the week.  And a few that we loved straight-away.  Like every week there were a few that we enjoyed but didn't love.

We read Country Fair .  It was strictly average.  I think it's just so outside their experience, and the book was not very engaging.  There was nothing technically wrong with it, but it was a book about the fair, not a story set at a fair.

We read Curious George and the Ice Cream Surprise . This was cute, in the manner of all Curious George books.  I do enjoy George and we liked this one.  It didn't quite make the top of the list though. 

We read I Can Lick 30 Tigers Today! and Other Stories (Classic Seuss) by Dr. Seuss.  They were cute, clever stories.  Not his finest work, but still quite reasonable.  I think we only read it once.  We just weren't that into it, and with the other books we had this week, that was alright with me! 

We did love Fire! Fire! Said Mrs. McGuire 1st edition by Jr, Bill Martin published by Harcourt Children's Books Paperback .  Stella and Bruce both loved this one.  It was a very simple read, very rhythmic and it rhymed!  Stella had it almost memorized in 2 reads.  She could "read" it to Bruce after that.  That's a bonus in a book right now!  I liked the names and the fact that there were all types of women in all types of professions.

But our absolute favorite this week was Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle .  We had such a good time with this little chapter book.  Well, Stella and I did.  It was printed in 1947 and the traditional family values of the time are quite evident.  Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle cures all sorts of childhood "illnesses" for the childrens parents.  There is the "Never-Want-to-Go-to-Bedders" Cure and the "Answer-Backers" Cure, and several others.  Stella giggled and giggled at the antics of the children and the silliness of the cures.  I liked the idea that these are problems that need to be solved, and that the parents didn't tolerate the misbehaviors.  We learned a few new words, and just enjoyed cuddling up together to read this one.  It's on my highly recommended list!  We even picked up 2 more books in this series for this week!

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