Summer Reading Program

Our Library joins with all the other libraries in the County for a Summer Reading Program every year.  This is our second year participating.  I love it.  Partly because I remember enjoying a similar program as a kid, and partly because it's fun, and partly because it's great incentive to read through the summer.  It runs from mid-June to mid-August.  It ended this week.

How does it work you ask?  Good question.  You record the books you read on a little card and every 5 books earns you a "dollar." Every 1-50 pages counts as a book (so a 125 page book counts as 3 books). They don't have to be library books to count.  You can also count e-books, or books you read at grandma's house, as long as it's the first time you read it. We don't get many longer books at our house yet. 

We earned, between Stella and Bruce, 33 dollars this summer.  I was pretty impressed by that.  I did a little math and figured out that 33 tickets equals 82.5 books read this summer (  (33x5)/2= 82.5  and I did that by hand not calculator).  F

There are prizes to buy with your dollars too.  They can get a snack for a dollar, or a trinket for 1,2,5,10, 15.  Or for 5 dollars they could pick a book from a collection they had on a table by the circulation desk.  I didn't give my kids many options, and held onto their dollars for them until last week.  Then we found the books and picked out 2 each.  They were excited to bring home books from the library to keep.  This week we counted up the rest of our dollars and Stella picked a prize and a book (she actually got two cheap little throw away books about My Little Ponies, not my first choice in reading material), and I picked out three books for Bruce. 

All told from the summer reading that we would have done anyway we "earned"  7 good books, 2 cheap books, and a large bouncy ball.  Not a bad summer! 

Do you participate in a summer reading program?

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