August 1

Last week, there was no post.  We went to the Library. We brought home books, just like usual.  We took them back to the Library, and I got home and realized that I didn't have any idea what books we read.  Except for one.

Stella and I loved it.  The Mud Fairy .  Stella loved the fun book about a fairy earning her wings.  I loved the great story about doing what  you love, and what you're good at.  The story about the fairy who plays in the mud, with the frogs instead of with dainty little flowers.  If you have a little girl who is into all things princess-fairy-beautiful  I would highly recommend The Mud Fairy .

This week we had some good books too.  The favorite was Gabriella's Song (Aladdin Picture Books) .  I liked the rhythm and feel of this book.  The pictures were very good, they really added to the feel of the book.  It was a fun story about music, and how it is created and who creates it (guess who came up with Gabriella's Song). It's about the way that music is heard by different people and how music can make you feel, or see.  This was the one we came to over and over this week.

We also read and enjoyed Biggest Bed in the World .  It's a fun little story about a dad who needs a bigger bed so he has room to sleep with all the kids in the bed.  We read this one several times too!

I picked up a Maurice Sendak book called BUMBLE-ARDY .  What a strange book.  The rhymes were good and the pictures very good, but very odd.  It's the story of a pig who's never had a birthday party.  Odd, some of the pictures were too weird and we didn't enjoy this as much as I had hoped.

The Mud Flat Olympics .  Cute.  I enjoyed it.  The kids didn't care for it.  It was a little too old for them, I think.  It was a rather slow moving pace and it just wasn't quite what we had been hoping for. Not bad, in fact it was a good book, just not for my kids personalities and ages.

And finally, Tulip Sees America .  I really liked this one. But then I am a Cynthia Rylant fan. I wish the kids had liked it more.  Stella seems to attach herself to a book for a week at the expense of all the others.  If it had been a different week, this would have been nearer the top of her list.  I enjoyed the perspective of seeing the states from Ohio to Oregon in the eyes of someone who has never traveled before.  It was fun to have the author pick out one aspect that gave a feel for the State as a whole.  And in the whole upper mid-west to west, where I have never been, it was a neat book.  Excellent artwork, and a fun book all around.

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