A short break and a long "week"

Sorry for my brief blogging hiatus!  I had very good intentions of blogging several times last week, but an unexpected death in the family and subsequent trip to Florida threw a wrench in my plans. You know, "The best laid plans"... and all that.  In any case due to our trip we kept our books for an extra week.  I am glad we had good ones, and a few extra!

 We finished the last Mrs Piggle-Wiggle book this week.  Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle's Farm .  Just as fun as the rest were and I think that this was the best one next to the first, that is.  There is relatively little magic in this one.  The animals are all a little too human, but not to the point of talking, except for the parrot, And the cures are all situational.  Giving them a taste of either their own medicine or the consequences of their actions.  Still, both my Kindergartener and I enjoyed all 4 of these books, and I think they will be ones we'll revisit in a few years when she's reading on her own!

We had Moosekitos : A Moose Family Reunion , a funny book about a moose family vacation and the longest "moostache" ever.  We had a Christmas book with the same moose last year and enjoyed it as well.  Fun stuff.

 Princess Lulu Goes to Camp   was Stella's favorite of the week.  A spoiled little princess gets sent to camp to make a friend.  It's a little rocky at the start, but she does make a friend, and the conclusion is that "no princess should be without one."  Not a bad moral, but it's not really a great book.  Stella, the four-year-old Princess-wannabe thought so.

I picked up the wonderful Sarah, Plain and Tall this week too.  We read it all in one day.  It's a simple, easy read.  It had some heavy themes that I had forgotten about, but is a fabulous story nonetheless.  Told from the perspective of a young girl, Anna, maybe around 12 years old, whose father placed an add in the papers for a wife.  Sarah comes to stay for a month to see if she would want to come and marry Anna's father.  The story is delicate and wonderful.  We read the first 7 chapters in one sitting.  We were both absorbed in the story.  This is another one that I hope we revisit when the kids are old enough to grasp some of the heavier themes.

Rabbit & Squirrel: A Tale of War and Peas had me laughing from the title forward.  It's just a clever little story of how things can escalate when we don't stop to make sure we have all the information.  It doesn't end with a neat and tidy resolution of the feud either, but suggests the beauty of what could be.  I liked that too.  We only read this a few times, but I wish we'd read it more!

The last two we didn't read much either.  Bruce enjoyed Moo in the Morning more than Stella did, but it was geared a little more for the 2 year old set.  Stella called it the noises book, and it was.  City vs Country noises.  And how the noises in the country can seem just as loud because of their unfamiliarity to the city trained-ears of a boy and his mother.  Fun for the little guys and if you have a noise or animal lover... so a boy.

And finally Hurry Up and Slow Down .  This was a cute take on the tortoise and the hare.  The little rabbit is all "hurry up hurry up," right up until nap time when the tortoise who cares for her is ready to sit down with a hot cup of tea.  Then it's "read me a story" and a race through it and then it's "slow down"  when it's the tortoise who is hurried!  It was cute and as the mother of two who still nap (or at least have quiet time) it was a familiar story.  We did all enjoy this too.

What are you reading to your little ones?

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